24 – The First Screening

Just so you know, the screening went surprisingly well…  Here is a little picture with a good number of the people who made the film. From left to the right: Daniel Pennac, Me, Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Pauline Brunner, Lambert Wilson, Vincent Courtois and, sitting, Mister Didier…

23 – The Music


Vincent is a musician who has had the opportunity to be in different bands (such as Napoli’s Walls, What do you mean by silence, and recently Médiums). One of the reason we asked him to work on the film was that his musical world fit perfectly with Ernest and Célestine. Another reason was that he looks a little like Ernest and his studio is as messy as Ernest’s house.  image

We started working together early. Vincent started working with the storyboard, creating the musical themes of the film. Little by little, melodies were born. At first we need to find a way of speaking together, because my musical knowledge was not really developed.image





After these floating conversations, everything went well. We both wanted to give each character a specific intrument. Each time they would appear on screen, a specific instrument was used.

For Celestine it was the clarinet:image

And for Ernest the violin:image

When the two are together, piano was used to illustrate their friendship.image

For one on the scenes we asked Vincent to create the music before we made the animation. Here is the scene as it was written in the script:

(showing Ernest her painting)
Ernest, this is winter.

(taking up his violin)
It would sound something like this.

The musical phrase from the violin follows the blue curve of Celestine’s painting… It is winter indeed.

61.EXT. countryside - day
The musical phrase develops and accompanies the metamorphosis of the landscape from winter to spring. The clouds disappear, the sun comes out, the snow melts, water drips from the branches, grass grows, leaves return to the trees, the flowers blossom and bloom, insects gather pollen and nectar, birds sing, in short, it is the coming of spring that Ernest celebrates with his violin until the front door of the cabin finally opens and Ernest and Celestine appear on the threshold.

This scene depicts a musical transition and was supposed to be a mix between sound and drawing. So we had to draw according to the music as Oskar Fischinger used to work (check out one of his most wonderful films, ”The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”). We asked Vincent to create the melody, simply asking him to make something that would depict the transition between Winter and Spring.image

Once the music was made, I went to see the animator so I could brief him.image